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PATHS OF LIGHT Solo exhibition by Abdallah Khaled

17/11/2016 - 25/11/2016

Arab Town by Abdallah Khaled

03 November 2016


‘Paths of Light’

Solo exhibition by Abdallah Khaled

 17 to 25 November 2016

 The Arab British Centre

1 Gough Square, London, EC4A 3DE

The Arab British Centre presents ‘Paths of Light’, a solo exhibition by Algerian artist Abdallah Khaled.

Abdallah Khaled originates from the Petite Kabylie, a region in northern Algeria steeped in Berber language and culture. His paintings incorporate ancestral symbols such as the cow, the bull, the bison, the horse, warriors, women, spears, clubs, forks, mud huts and the walls of ancient cities. Through his work, Khaled depicts the rich and varied indigenous cultures of North Africa, the flavours of his homeland, the scent of the desert, the colours of the Atlas Mountains, as well as the instinctive abstract expressionist and graffitist mark of contemporary ‘western’ artistic culture.

Paths of Light showcases a series of acrylic and oil paintings on canvas that revolve around the themes of light, colour, energy, landscapes, the Mediterranean, memory, movement, people, land , harmony and peace.

The main theme of the exhibition, as described by Maria Luisa Trevisan in her curatorial statement, is that of light used as a metaphor for a need that should be universal, an invitation to identify and encourage virtuous, positive ways ahead. Khaled further deepens his study by using colours and materials rather than placing emphasis on drawing. For the artist, light is above all cromia and has a life of its own which follows its destiny, while colour becomes a means of expression which spans from figuration to abstraction.

Amidst the chromatic clots, brushstrokes, marks, scratchings and colours that range from orange and red-yellows to greens, blues and violet-blues, one denotes dancing and moving figures reminiscent of cave paintings on North Africa’s rocky landscapes. Khaled’s paintings illustrate a strong connection to his ancestral land and his Berber origins with its people, traditions and culture. His works thus become a declaration of peace and freedom, respect for one another, for diversity, thus expressing universal values and enriching all of humanity.

In the light of the current difficult times we live in, Khaled’s message is an invitation to take positive action in search of the common global good.

Dates: 17 to 25 November 2016

Venue: The Arab British Centre, 1 Gough Square, London EC4A 3DE

Opening Times:

Opening Night: 17 November 2016 | 6pm – 8:30pm

Monday-Thursday: 10:30am – 5:30pm

Friday: 10:30am – 4:30pm

Saturday & Sunday: closed


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About Abdallah Khaled

Abdallah Khaled’s complexity as an artist may be more easily understood by looking at his cultural diversity and the merging of the artistic influences of both Algeria and Italy. He has refined his cultural and artistic knowledge through his travels and periods of study across Europe. His numerous personal and group exhibitions have obtained positive and enthusiastic consensus from both the public and critics alike. His paintings are to be found in the National Museum of Fine Arts of Algeria and in numerous private collections in Canada, the United States, Japan, Finland, Norway, France, Germany, Austria and of course, Italy.

His work fuses together intense chromatic brightness with abstract forms and the formal study of the western artistic avant-garde with the Arab-African iconographic heritage.

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