Rug of a Thousand Colours

Poems inspired by the Five Pillars of Islam by two contemporary Scottish writers each also translating the other Publisher: Luath Press Limited Date of Publication: 2012 Language: English/Arabic ISBN: 9781908373243 Number of Copies: 1 Author: Iyad Hayatleh 2nd Author: Tessa Ransford

A powerful exploratory poem-sequence from a Palestinian poet living in Glasgow and an established Scottish poet which creates a vivid tapestry. It explores their different responses to the Five Pillars of Islam and reflects their cultural backgrounds and views. We find, for instance, Hajj and Pilgrimage combine to form shared experience, and Chaucer is in dialogue with the Qur’an for the first time.

Featuring a series of poems both in English and Arabic, this collection is a controversial between two poets, two languages, and two cultures. As each poet translates the other, unpredictable but revealing symmetries begin yo emerge.