21 September '16

The Arab British Centre is excited to announce a new course: Islamic Art and Architecture in Central Asia and Iraq: A Journey to the Legendary Cities of Baghdad, Samarqand and Isfahan We speak to the course leader Roberta Marin, to find out more about her interest in Islamic art and what students can expect from […]

‘Starve your Dog’ Review by Yamina Mechri – Safar Film Festival 2016

16 September '16

‘Starve your Dog’ is screening on 18 September 2016 at 6 pm at ICA, London, as part of Safar Film Festival. You can read more information and buy your tickets here ‘Starve your Dog’, Morocco, 2015, directed by Hicham Lasri. Review by Yamina Mechri Reconciliation and forgiveness seem to be the first questions raised in […]

‘Let them Come’ Review by Martin Daltry – Safar Film Festival 2016

15 September '16

Screening on 16 September at 6:15 followed by Q&A with director Salem Brahimi at ICA, London as part of Safar Film Festival. You can buy your tickets HERE  ‘Let them Come’, France/Algeria, 2015, directed by Salem Brahimi Review by Martin Daltry The Safar Film Festival running at the ICA in London this week is a […]

‘Before the Summer Crowds’ Review by Dr Robert Abrams – Safar Film Festival 2016

14 September '16

Opening night film for Safar Film Festival 2016 as a tribute to late Egyptian director Mohamed Khan, 14 September at 8:30 pm at Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London. You can see more information and buy tickets HERE Before the Summer Crowds, Egypt, 2015, directed by Mohamed Khan Reviewed by Professor Robert Abrams, Professor of Old […]

‘This Little Father Obsession’ Review by Dr Nof Nasser-Eddin – Safar Film Festival 2016

13 September '16

Screening on 18 September 2016 at 4 pm at ICA, London as part of Safar Film Festival. You can buy your tickets HERE This Little Father Obsession, Lebanon, 2016, directed by Selim Mourad. Reviewed by Dr Nof Nasser-Eddin, co-director of the Centre for Transnational Development and Collaboration (CTDC).  This film can be described in three words: Provocative, […]

Safar Curator Rasha Salti on this Year’s Film Selection

08 September '16

The story goes that when the first film theater was going to be inaugurated in Egypt (around the late 1910s), there was a question as to how it should be referred to in Arabic, whether “cinema” should simply be appropriated into Arabic, or whether there should be a proper composite Arabic phrase, as was the […]

‘Borders of Heaven’ Review by Dr Khalid Ali – Safar Film Festival 2016

06 September '16

Screening on Saturday 17 September 2016, at 4 pm at ICA, London as part of Safar Film Festival. You can buy your tickets HERE Borders of Heaven, Tunisia, France, United Arab Emirates, 2015, directed by Fares Naanaa.  Reviewed by Dr Khalid Ali, Screening Room editor, Medical Humanities. Originally published on Medical Humanities BMJ Blogs. Recently, Tunisian […]

Breaking the siege: At Home in Gaza and London By Aimee Shalan

19 August '16

It’s incredible to think Gaza has been under blockade for almost a decade. We can’t go there; they can’t come here. So Station House Opera is creating a place where people can meet – a communal, virtual performance space. At Home in Gaza and London uses live performance and digital invention to bring together people […]