The Arab British Centre has a modest annual grants budget which is allocated to arts and cultural projects delivered in the UK with the aim of improving the British public’s understanding of the Arab world. The maximum amount available per application is £1,000.


When submitting your application, please include the following information:

  • Project title and date
  • About the organisation/individual (please provide contact details)
  • About the project, including its aims and intended outcomes
  • Target audience
  • How the project will improve the British public’s understanding of the Arab world
  • Marketing strategy (online or print advertising, social media, newsletters etc)
  • Partners involved in your project (if applicable)
  • Current funding arrangements already in place (please provide a detailed budget breakdown of your project costs, including in-kind sponsorship if applicable)
  • The amount of funding you are requesting
  • Where and how you envisage that funding would be spent


  • grants for students
  • translation costs
  • travel costs
  • research projects
  • projects taking place outside the UK

We are also unlikely to fund projects that are yet to source the majority of their funding.

Applications should be sent to Amani Hassan on


01 March

01 June

01 September

01 December

Grant applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis by members of the board, Arab British Centre staff and an external professional. Each review meeting takes place on 15 March, 15 June, 15 September and 15 December of every year. You should submit your application no later than the 1st day of each quarter, for example  if you want your application reviewed in March, you must submit it by 01 March otherwise it will be considered for the next round of reviews in June.

If your application is successful you will be notified by email and will be asked to sign a grant agreement. No payments will be issued until the agreement is signed by both parties.