Rachid Gholam: A Musical Journey Through Spirituality

9 March '18 at 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Rachid Gholam presents: Song of the Soul
From Persia to Andalusia – A musical journey through Spirituality

Rachid GHOLAMs captivating “Song of the Soul” is a nostalgic and unforgettable journey into the spellbinding history of Sufi poetry and music. A homage to the ‘saints of love’, revered Moroccan singer Gholam’s new project is inspired by the transcendence of the Sufi experience and the iconic poetry and symbolism of his spiritual forefathers.

“Song of the Soul” is a spiritual and colorful journey, where Gholam’s captivating voice invites masterful renditions of legendary Sufi figures such as Maulana Rumi and Sheikh Ibn Arabi. Ranging geographically from the Persian Mountains to the Andalusian coast, Gholam covers the expansive reach of Sufi art and philosophy, uncovering the Iraqi Maqam, Aleppo Qadud and the Andulsian Muwashahat on its way.

For it’s worldwide premier, Rachid Gholam and his ensemble will perform at London’s Cadogan Hall for an enchanting evening of one of the leading figures in Sufi singing and performance.

Doors open at 7pm


Cadogan Hall

5 Sloane Terrace, Belgravia, London SW1X 9DQ



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