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Mass Mediations

by Armbrust, Walter

History of Jerusalem, A

by Armstrong, Karen

Guide to the Libyan Jamahereya

by Ashiurakis, Ahmed M

Libyan Proverbs

by Ashiurakis, Ahmed M

Siraaj: An Arab Tale

by Ashour, R.


by Ashour, Radwa

Blue Lorries

by Ashour, Radwa

Side of Peace, This

by Ashrawi, Hanan Mikhail

Heron, The

by Aslan, Ibrahim

Nile Sparrows

by Aslan, Ibrahim

No God But God

by Aslan, Reza

The Road to Tahrir

by Assaf, Attia, El Dalil, Kaldas, Mo, El-Shazly

Making Islam Democratic

by Assef Bayat

Face in the Crowd, A

by Asseily, Youmna

Far From Madina

by Assia Djebar

Yacoubian Building, The

by Aswany, A. Al


by Aswany, A. Al

On the State of Egypt

by Aswany, Al Alaa

Justice and only justice

by Ateek, Naim Stifan

The Book of Gaza

by Atef Abu Saif

Voyages & vision

by Atil, Esin Searight, Sarah & Newton, Charles

Arabs, The

by Atiyah, Edward

Woman of Five Seasons

by Atrash, Leila

Old Ladies of Nazareth, The

by Attallah, Naim

House on Arnus Square, The

by Attar, Samar

A Country of Words

by Atwan, Abdel Bari

Palestinian Women

by Augustin, Ebba

Israel and Palestine

by Avi Shlaim


by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

War Reporting for Cowards

by Ayres, Chris

Over-Stating The Arab State

by Ayubi, Nazih

Political Islam

by Ayubi, Nazih

Iraq-Iran Conflict

by Aziz, Tareq


by Azzam, Fadi


by Azzan, Sakem

The Last of the Angels

by Azzawi, F. Al

Cell Block Five

by Azzawi, F. Al

Miracle Maker

by Azzawi, Fadhil