Love Made Visible

31 January '17

Jean Gibran’s Love Made Visible is the moving story of a marriage, of Boston’s South End, and the Boston Expressionist art scene that first flourished there in the 1930s and ‘40s. A teacher in the Boston public schools, she was for fifty years married to Kahlil Gibran, sculptor and artisan, and cousin of the noted […]

Revolution by Love: Emerging Arab Youth Voices

25 January '17

Beginning in Tunisia and spreading across the Middle East and North Africa, everyday citizens stepped into the streets, staking their claim to a democratic future. The image of these protests captured the imagination of the world. Revolution by Love takes you inside these protests, onto those streets, and shares with you the stories of the […]

Curse of the Achille Lauro

12 February '16

Abu al-Abbas was one of Yasser Arafats top generals. His name is forever linked to an operation in 1985 that sparked an international crisis: the hijacking of an Italian cruise liner named the Achille Lauro and the death of Leon Klinghoffer, an elderly American tourist. This memoir by the wife of Abu al-Abbas recalls an […]

Rue du Retour

20 November '15

Abtellatif Laabi spent eight years in a Moroccan prison for “crimes of opinion”. This poetic and lyrical memoir is a record of the comradeship he found there, but also much more. It is the writer’s contemplation on solitude itself as well as his rediscovery of passion on his unexpected return to family and friends. Rue […]

A Muslim on the Bridge

29 October '14

A memoir and meditation on faith, A Muslim on the Bridge: On Being an Iraqi-Arab Muslim in the Twenty-first Century tells a story of transformation and reflection as the author thoughtfully but pointedly deconstructs the widespread misconceptions about Islam, arguably the world’s most-misunderstood major religion. The son of a Shia father and a Sunni mother, […]

The Southern Gates of Arabia

27 October '14

In 1935, the author set out to explore the wild, desert mountains, the palaces and cities of Hadramaut and travelled the Incense Route inland from the southern shores of Arabia. Along the way she encountered Sultans and Bedouin tribespeople, the harem women of Do’an and the Mansab of Meshed. This is the story of her […]

Pilgrimage to Mecca

27 October '14

As the first British woman convert to Islam on record as having made the pilgrimage to Makkah and the visit to the Prophet’s Tomb at Madinah, Lady Evelyn Cobbold (1867-1963) cuts a unique figure in the annals of the Muslim Hajj. Lady Evelyn was in her mid-sixties when she decided to go on the Hajj. […]

In the Eye of the Storm

27 October '14

Major General Patrick Cordingley commanded the 7th Armoured Brigade Group – the Desert Rats – during the Gulf War, and was awarded the DSO for his courage and leadership. In this book, he describes his experiences from first hearing of the deployment of his command, to victory and withdrawal. About the Author Major General Patrick […]