Gazelles and Other Plays

29 January '14

Kegan Paul proudly introduces a collection of five of Ahmed Fagih’s works intended for the stage — translated from their original Arabic into English. Gazelles, the central play within the book, contains many of Fagih’s common themes. The story of Jabar, a Bedouin desert guide, and two westerners, Victor and Helena, the play examines many […]

I am Yusuf and This is My Brother

29 January '14

I am Yusuf and This Is My Brother is a powerful, poetic exploration of history, memory and different forms of love. ‘Before it happened I didn’t know those people existed. Now I’m not certain that we do…’ January 1948. Palestine. The British Mandate is ending. The UN is voting on who will control what part […]

Dramatic Literature of Nawal El Saadawi, The

29 January '14

In Nawal El Saadawi’s play “God Resigns”, the prophets and great women gather for a meeting with God. Satan arrives to tender his resignation, but neither Jesus, Mohammad, nor Moses is willing to replace him. Finally, God himself resigns in disgust. Eygptian officials declared the work heretical because ‘God cannot resign’ and ordered her publisher […]