Architecture, Violence and Resistance

30 November '21 at 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Join Noora Aljabi, Anrinjoy Sen, and Léopold Lambert in a conversation about the mechanisms of power in architecture.

This online event, chaired by The Funambulist, explores how architecture is almost always on the side of the dominant order, enforcing settler colonialism, border imperialism, and capitalism. How can this be resisted? Arinjoy Sen and Noora Aljabi took part in The Funambulists’s project Game-Changing Architecture Graduates project which invited posts from recent architecture graduates to ‘aim at honoring and giving visibility to the work of people who recently graduated from architecture school, and who fiercely engage with the political dimension of the built environment.’ Sen and Aljabi discuss their work, their methodology, and the way they envision an architecture working against its better judgement.




The Mosaic Rooms

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