Oud, Darbuka & Music Literacy

Taqasim Music School, founded by Iraqi Oud Master Ahmed Mukhtar, was established in 2011 to teach one of the most significant Oriental instruments called Oud, among other instruments and disciplines that represent Middle Eastern Music. The school also introduced Darbuka lessons in spring 2017.

Modern and Contemporary Art from the Arab World

Islamic Art Re-invented: Modern and Contemporary Art from the Arab World is the latest addition to the range of specialized and fascinating courses taught by our Islamic Art & Architecture expert Roberta Marin. Previous courses included: Introduction to Islamic Art & Architecture, Islamic Art & Architecture in Central Asia and Iraq, Islamic Art in the Mediterranean and History of Carpets from the Islamic World. 

Arabic Language

Our Arabic language classes are taught by Ibrahim Othman who has several years’ experience of teaching Arabic at a variety of levels, both in his native Syria and in the UK. Each course costs £145 and your place will be confirmed once payment is complete. Scroll down for the descriptions and contents of the courses.

Creative Kufic Calligraphy

Kufi was the first Arabic script to be consciously made beautiful, an unlike the later round scripts with their strict rules, it can be constantly reinvented and is not tied to any given tool or medium. Students, then, can benefit from the same creative freedom that the earliest calligraphers enjoyed, and find their own approach to the art of Arabic calligraphy.