Oud, Darbuka & Music Literacy

Taqasim Music School, founded by Iraqi Oud Master Ahmed Mukhtar, was established in 2011 to teach one of the most significant Oriental instruments called Oud, among other instruments and disciplines that represent Middle Eastern Music. The school also introduced Darbuka lessons in spring 2017.

A World in Evolution: The Art of the Arab World from the 19th Century up to Now

In this introductory course on the art of the Arab World we will explore the schools, the movements and the artistic practices that have characterised the period between the 19th century and the present.

East In The West: A Cultural History of Arab Presence in Europe (Postponed)

This intensive two-day course traces back the arrival and integration of populations from the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean in Europe from Antiquity to the present day. It will look at the diversity and complexity of Arab influence over Europe throughout the centuries, from a cultural point of view deeply intertwined with economic and political dynamics. As such, this continuous dialogue between Europe and the Arab world lies very far from the asserted vision of two homogenous and irreconcilable civilizational blocks.

Arabic Language

Our Arabic language classes are taught by Ibrahim Othman who has several years’ experience of teaching Arabic at a variety of levels, both in his native Syria and in the UK. Each course costs £150 and your place will be confirmed once payment is complete. Scroll down for the descriptions and contents of the courses.

Square Kufic Calligraphy

Square Kufic, also known as Masonry Script or khatt banna’i, developed as an architectural style to be rendered in brick or tile, often on a monumental scale. Yet it is equally at home at the much smaller size of paper or textiles, and even, today, in the tiny canvas of pixel art. It is unique among calligraphy styles in that it adds to artistry a dimension of puzzle-solving.