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The History of Modern Iraqi Art

In this new introductory course on Iraqi art history led by Mysa Kafil-Hussain, we will explore the artistic roots and socio-political context of the development of modern Iraqi art.

Designing Dissent: Arab Creativity and Resistance

This course explores the intersection of design and resistance within the context of the Arab world. It investigates the rich history, cultural nuances, and socio-political landscapes that have influenced design practices and resistance movements in the region. The course will be structured around engaging speakers, thought-provoking discussions, and hands-on assignments to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic relationship between design and resistance.

Oud, Darbuka & Arabic Music Theory

Taqasim Music School, founded by Iraqi Oud Master Ahmed Mukhtar, was established in 2011 to teach one of the most significant Oriental instruments called Oud, among other instruments and disciplines that represent Middle Eastern Music. The school also introduced Darbuka lessons in spring 2017.

Manuscript Kufic Calligraphy with Joumana Medlej

This is a complete introduction to Manuscript Kufic, the finest Qur’anic script of the Abbasid golden age, that fell out of use almost a millenium ago. Under Joumana Medlej’s expert guidance you will learn to use the pen and gallnut ink associated with this style.