Parley Tree, The

An Anthology of Poets from French-speaking Africa and the Arab World Publisher: Arc Publications Place of Publication: UK Date of Publication: 2012 Language: English ISBN: 978-1906570613 Number of Copies: 1 Author: Williamson, Patrick

Poetry is one of the major forms of literary expression in both Africa and the Arab World and this anthology endeavours to provide the reader with a glimpse of the most representative voices of the poetic movements, and generations, in the French-speaking countries of these two regions, at the same time as doing away with the divisions and distinctions between the countries of Africa. The poets anthologized here – from North Africa, Sub Saharan Africa and the Arab World – have long wished to escape from artificial pigeon-holing and rather to be associated with common threads. The past half-century has confirmed their work as poetry of great literary quality, full of a unique vitality and presence, and this anthology enables an English-speaking readership to discover and savour these distinctive voices