Fionnuala Rogers

Fionnuala Rogers is an art and cultural heritage lawyer, who founded Canvas Art Law in 2017, a specialist law firm dedicated to supporting those in art and culture. Fionnuala has a strong connection with the Middle East having focussed the majority of her practice there for the last 8 years, working with museums, galleries, cultural organisations, NGOs and government ministries on tangible and intangible cultural heritage projects.

Fionnuala is a member of the UK Committee of the Blue Shield and has a keen interest in protection of cultural heritage. She participates in international summits surrounding the threats to culture including at UNESCO and the European Parliament and she regularly works with governments, NGOs and special rapporteurs around the world in initiatives to protect and foster connections through culture.

Fionnuala studied Philosophy and Social Anthropology at Queen’s University in Belfast before obtaining her LLB and qualifying as a lawyer in London. Fionnuala guest lectures in art and cultural heritage issues at the Institute of Art and Law and Sotheby’s Institute of Art. Fionnuala joined The Arab British Centre as a Trustee in 2020.