Randa Achmawi

Randa Achmawi is a journalist, political commentator and consultant on MENA region politics and inter-cultural affairs based in London and Cairo. After 16 years as the diplomatic correspondent of Al Ahram Hebdo, the French-language weekly edition of the Egyptian media group, based in Cairo, and then a spell as a correspondent covering the UN in New York, she moved to London in January 2011, to focus on in-depth analyses of issues related to the future of the MENA region. She is a well-known campaigner for greater inter-faith understanding and religious tolerance, having been twice invited to speak at the UN Alliance of Civilizations Forums. In 2009, she was awarded the Mediterranean Journalism Prize for her work. Randa is also a regular contributor to scholarly publications and has participated in EU initiatives to promote the role of the media in the European Neighbourhood region.

Born in Egypt, she was raised in Brazil, and completed her studies in France and Switzerland. She has also lived in Iran, Lebanon and Burundi.