Caabu Launches Emergency Funding Drive

03 March '13

Special Announcement


Without additional support Caabu will have to close

Caabu (The Council for Arab-British Understanding) is launching an emergency appeal so that it can continue its vital work advancing Arab-British relations. If we do not raise substantial funds, Caabu will have to close its office at the end of May.

Caabu is the longest-standing resident of the Arab British Centre. Please read its appeal below:

At a time when so many Arabs are bravely putting their lives on the line across the region, it is absolutely crucial that Caabu continues its work as the only cross-party, Arab-British organisation lobbying on major human rights and policy issues, briefing MPs and journalists and providing active engagement with the Arab world and Arab-British communities in British schools.

Support is urgently needed to help us ensure that the popular demands across the region are heard in the UK and to maintain pressure on the British government. As major regional conflict looms large, it is essential that we push for constructive policies addressing the crises in Syria and Yemen, promoting stabilisation and transition in Libya and other countries whilst keeping Palestine on the agenda.

Campaigning for Palestinian rights is a cornerstone of our work. Caabu provides an indispensible alternative voice to that of the pro-Israel lobby. In 2011, we took 19 parliamentarians to the occupied Palestinian territory raising issues such as settlements, Jerusalem and Palestinian child detainees. We also talked on Palestine and on other key issues to thousands of students in British schools.

Andy Love MP, Co-Chair of Caabu said: “The team at Caabu has down outstanding work to improve understanding of the Arab World with politicians and campaign for a more principled British foreign policy towards the Arab World. I have just come back from a first class Caabu delegation to Lebanon where we saw first hand the horrific conditions that face both Palestinian and Syrian refugees. From my perspective and many other politicians it would be a massive loss if Caabu could not continue this vital work.”

Caabu works with many partners on its programmes. Steve James, CEO of Medical Aid for Palestinians commented: “Caabu has been a fantastic partner for MAP and has played a key role in raising the plight facing Palestinians with politicians as well as the broader public. We have always admired their professionalism and expertise.”

Sadly due to the global economic recession, our income has dropped. Caabu needs a minimum of £260,000 a year to carry out its work. With the help of our friends and supporters we need to raise £225,000 for our work in 2012. Every pound donated will contribute directly to continuing our work.

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