Sarha Collective


Sarha Collective a London-based platform for new perspectives from the Middle East and North Africa. The work of a group of artists, filmmakers and other creatives, it showcases groundbreaking art from across the Arab world through exhibitions, music and theatre performances, film screenings and other events which aim to challenge stereotypes and facilitate cross-cultural exchange and dialogue. We have a great interest in Arab archives, in rare, lost or vintage art, photography, music, theatre and film from across the Middle East and North Africa and a strong desire to celebrate this cultural legacy and bring it to the public attention. Being based in London, the collective aim to facilitate exchange between artists from across the Arab world, who might otherwise be unable to meet and work together. Wherever possible, Sarha aims to commission new work and is committed to supporting early-career creatives and underrepresented voices whose work has never been shown in the UK previously.