2010 Grant Recipients

In 2010 the following recipients benefitted from grants from The Arab British Centre:

Al Farabi Concerto/Ensemble 10/10, Wigmore Hall

Ensemble 10/10, double winner of the 20th Royal Philharmonic Society Music Awards in 2009, is the acclaimed contemporary ensemble of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

In March 2010, Ensemble 10/10 formed part of Al Farabi Concerto, a series of concerts presenting works by exceptionally gifted contemporary composers from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Syria. The concerts are designed to promote the music of Arab composers, alongside that of their Western counterparts, through performances by the UK’s most acclaimed orchestras, soloists and conductors, in London’s main concert venues.


Al-Ghurba Exhibition

Photographer Inzajeano Latif created a series of portraits of Palestinians which premiered at the Arab British Centre in August 2010. The series, Al-Ghurba, aimed to dispel the myths and stereotypes of the Palestinian people. The exhibition showed Palestinians’ diversity and the various roles they play in British society, giving the viewer an honest experience in which they were confronted by Palestinian people from different walks of life. The exhibition has since been featured at the P21 Gallery in London.


External: New Art From Further East

Newertown Art’s second exhibition featured young artists from the Middle East, Iran and Turkey. Curated by Juan Carlos Farah, it was a showcase of innovative paintings, photographs and video installations which invited its audience to address the importance and shortcomings of individuality and tradition in a region frequently subject to clichés and misconceptions.

Throughout the week, there were a number of events to promote the artists’ work and make External a true celebration of art and culture. These included two performances of short plays by new and established playwrights, a late night viewing, a panel discussion and a film screening.