Attributes of Divine Perfection, The

The subject matter of this book is derived from ‘The Most Sublime Purpose in Explaining the Attributes of Divine Perfection’, the treatise by Abu Hamid alGhazzali (450-505 AH / 1058-1111 AD). The text, reproduced in Arabic and English translation, is accompanied by the artwork of the prominent Arab artist and scholar Dr Ahmed Moustafa. These compositions elevate contemporary Arab and Islamic art to a level of world-wide prominence and demonstrate that the script, far from being merely the means of writing, constitutes the primary art. For the purpose of this book Dr Moustafa also designed a new Arabic typeface, Safeer, which represents a remarkable development in the field of Arabic typography. Its clarity and elegance are derived form a homogeneous system which allows for a greater scope of typographic choice and enables the page layout to follow both artistic and scientific principles. We would like to express our gratitude to all those who have helped to make this publication possible, in particular the computer department of Dar al-Fikr schools in Jeddah, Mr Mario Corvetto for his Italian translation from English, Dr Stefan Sperl, Mr Mario Lagana, Mr Bruce Nivison, Mr Hasan abdu’I-Hakim (Gal Eaton). The translation of Dr Robert Stade (‘The Ninety-nine Names of God’, Lagos, 1970) has provided the basis for the English version. God is our only Protector and in Him our trust abides. We pray that this work may be pleasing in His sight.