Build Your Arabic Vocabulary

by Haroon Shirwani

This is a combination of book, flashcards and audio CD. “Build your Arabic Vocabulary” is a new and engaging way for learners of Arabic to expand their active vocabulary and move to the next level of sophistication. The material is also an invaluable tool for exam preparation. Features include: 1000s of key Arabic vocabulary items; core vocabulary: nouns with their plurals, verbs and adjectives, plus additional “further vocabulary sections”; lively illustrations and design; photos and illustrations that put the words in context; and 16 topics – house and home, leisure, family, work, travel, environment, media, and many more. It includes: * over 600 bi-lingual flashcards – bilingual flashcards included for all core words together with advice for easy memorisation and intuitive recall; * 70-minute audio CD – all words and phrases recorded by native speakers for perfect pronunciation * Models and activities – examples of modern usage and lively practice activities; * Expert advice and examination preparation tips.