Concise History of the Arabs, A

by McHugo, John

The key to understanding the Arab World today and in the future lies in unlocking its past. In this ingeniously succinct history, John McHugo unfolds centuries of political, social and intellectual development, enabling the reader to see beyond the headlines and witness the evolution of a people. From the Roman Empire to the aftermath of the so-called Arab Spring in the present day, McHugo identifies a series of key turning points in Arab history that are must-knows for anyone seeking a greater understanding of the countries and cultures of North Africa, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq. This journey is told with the authoritative flair of a writer and scholar who has lived in the Middle East for two decades. It takes in the Prophet Muhammad s mission; the expansion of Islam; the conflicts of the medieval and modern ages; the Arab World s interaction with Western ideas; the struggles against foreign domination; the rise of Islamism; and the end of the rule of dictators. Accessible and rich with insight, this book is an essential introduction to a vast topic. It prepares the ground for the serious reader to delve further into the more exhaustive works available. McHugo s brief but thorough scope lays out the rise, fall and rebirth of the Arabs with a much-needed objectivity that will help bridge the Arab/Western cultural divide.