Glossary of Islam, A

by Sourdel, Dominique

This concise, accessible glossary of key Islamic terms is written by two of France’s most eminent scholars of Islam. It offers brief explanations of the core background elements required by those beginning the study of Islam and covers the following: * Famous historical figures * Theological schools * Juridicial schools * Qur’anic symbols and themes * Religious rites and institutions Focusing primarily on classical Islam, the historical references are mainly to the Sunni, Arab and Ottoman realms. This short book is an ideal text for those new to the subject of Islamic Studies and Islamic and Middle Eastern History. Key Features * Written by two of France’s most eminent scholars of Islam * Offers brief, clear definitions of the key background elements needed by anyone new to the study of Islam: an ideal foundation text * There is no competing text — glossaries within textbooks are limited in number and definitions in (expensive) encyclopedias are often very long and overly detailed for beginning students * Ideal for exam revision