Intrepid Arabia

by Dalrymple, William

A collection of sixteen adventurous stories from the Middle East. The Middle East is the birthplace of some of the most ancient civilisations the world has ever known, and of three of its major religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This collection of short stories takes you beyond the jaded view of the war torn and fundamentalist Middle East of newspapers and television reporting and into the vibrant and challenging countries of Arabia. Lands where the imaginative traveller can still walk in streets which have changed little over generations, yet meet with peoples who are shaping all our futures. Sixteen internationally known writers including William Dalrymple; Time Outs Peter Carty; Wanderlusts Matt Rudd and BBC Radios Penny Young take you through Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Palestine, Iran, Jordan, Syria, Oman, Turkey, Yemen and the Lebanon. Whether you are on the road, planning a journey or just reading at home, you will be challenged, entertained and informed.