The Invention of Ancient Israel: The Silencing of Palestinian History

by Whitelam, Keith W


“”The Invention of Ancient Israel is a remarkable work of scholarship, certainly audacious enough, despite its painstaking manner, to undermine many unthinking presuppositions about ancient biblical history . . . the book possesses that keen independence of spirit and vision that is so rare and so invigorating when one encounters it.”-Edward Said, “The Times Literary Supplement “This is a brave, fascinating and important book.”—Sunday Times …” fascinating … This is a timely, pioneering study … … author is to be congratulated for producing an extremely provocative and, for the most part, faithful mirror in which the discipline of biblical studies may behold its unflattering reflection.”-“Journal of Biblical Literature

About the Author

Keith W. Whitelam is Professor of Religious Studies and Head of Department at the University of Stirling. He is the co-author of The Emergence of Early Israel in Historical Perspective (1987), and has produced a series of articles on ancient Israelite and Palestinian history.