Iraqi Cookbook, The

by Lamees Ibrahim

The true richness of Iraqi culture has been hidden for many years, overshadowed by political conflict and war. Yet amid the destruction, Iraq’s culture – and not least her cuisine – has endured intact. The time has surely come to bring the richness of Mesopotamia’s culinary culture to the fore for the world to appreciate and enjoy. The Iraqi Cookbook, the first of its kind to be published in Europe, is full of authentic recipes that has been handed down through the generations, developed and enriched over time, and infused with cultures of different eras. This book is thus a rich fusion of history, health, culture and storytelling. Throughout, Lamees Ibrahim singles out only those ingredients available to a Western reader, and suggests plausible alternatives where necessary. The easy-to-follow recipes are adorned with sumptuous specially commissioned photography throughout, making The Iraqi Cookbook a feast for both the eyes and the diwan.