Libyan Stories

by Fagih, Ahmed

Ahmed Fagih compiles thirteen of the short stories he edited during the seventies and eighties, all published in London in a magazine called Azure. Penned by prominent Libyan writers, these stories shed light on the human experience, especially the experience of those people who inhabit the eastern world. Featuring the work of Abdullah Algwiri, Kamel el Maghor, Ali M. Almisrati, Bashir al Hashmi, Khalifa Takbali, Sayed Gaddaf-Addam, Yousif Al Sharif, Ibrahim el Kouni, K. H. Mustafa, M. El Shwihdi, Yusef Guwairi, and Ahmed Ibrahim al Fagih himself, the book illustrates a society in great transformation, as modernity meets tradition, and tension between the two opposing value systems rises.