Old Serpent Nile

by Stewart, Stanley

An unforgettable journey through Egypt, Sudan and Uganda to the source of the great river Nile. stanley stewart is the winner of the 1996 thomas cook/daily telegraph travel book award. Inspired by a dream ‘of boats and currents, of narrow riverbanks and wide savannas, and of the long, uncoiling river leading to the heart of a continent’ Stanley Stewart travels from the Nile Delta to the Mountains of the Moon in a journey that was arduous, colourful, funny and sometimes wildly dangerous. Whether on a pilgrimage to desert monasteries, aboard a felucca sailing to the splendours of ancient Egypt, crossing the Nubian desert, meeting the victims of famine in Sudan, or narrowly escaping the attentions of the Ugandan army, Stewart tells his compelling and evocative story with wit, warmth and understanding.