Owner of the House, the

by Zayyat, Latifa

Samia is running away from the Egyptian political police with her husband Muhammad and his comrade Rafiq. The story of their escape from person reflects theri whole society.

The owner of the house in which the fugitives shelter cannot be trusted and he becomes the focus of Samia’s fear. Samia’s sense of danger they are in widens so that she sees the immediate threat as part of a system of oppression. Samia remembers the simplicity of her mother’s life but knows she cannot return to such a traditional role. Her desire to join her husband’s political struggle for freedom but one that may leave her doubly enslaved.

Behind the stimulating and innocent surface story of a journey of escape, lies the story of Samia’s spiritual quest and growth: she succeeds in confronting and going beyond the oppressions to which a human being is subjected.