by Sabbagh, Karl

Book Description

Karl Sabbagh’s Palestinian father became famous throughout the Arab world by broadcasting for the BBC Arabic Service during the Second World War. When the war ended, Isa Khalil Sabbagh covered the fateful events of 1947-8 and later became an adviser in the American State Department. In “Palestine”, Sabbagh delves back centuries in an attempt to come to terms with his family’s – and his people’s – turbulent past. It is a panoramic survey of the political and religious barriers that have undermined the pursuit of lasting peace.

About the Author

KARL SABBAGH is a British writer, journalist and television producer, born to an English mother and Palestinian father. He has produced major documentaries for American and British broadcasters and has written for the Sunday Times, New Scientist, the Guardian, Sunday Telegraph magazine and Scientific American. His most recent book is Dr Riemann’s Zeros (Atlantic, 2002).