Palestine: The Prize and Price of Zion

by Cragg, Kenneth

In May 1998 the Israeli people will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the promulgation in West Jerusalem of the State of Israel. Also the year 2000, as well as being a Christian anniversary, is being treated as the 3000th anniversary of King David’s building of the temple in Jerusalem. This text is a theological, psycho-social reflection on the current politics of the Holy Land. It looks at the relations between the Palestinians and the children of Israel and the understanding each group has of its own identity. The author writes with compassion no less towards the yearning Jew longing for the vision of Canaan to be true, than for the disinherited Palestinian. The book concludes with a strong assertion of the importance of the dwindling Palestinian Christian community, and the contribution Christian thinking on reconcilliation and forgiveness has to offer in what often seems to be a no-win situation.