Palestine’s Children

by Kanafani, Ghassan

Short stories describing the Palestinian experience of the Middle East conflict. Each involves a child, a victim of circumstances, who nevertheless participates in the struggle towards a better future. As in Kanafani’s other fiction, these stories explore the need to recover the past by action. Contents: Introduction, B. Harlow and K.E. Riley; Ghassan Kanafani – A Biographical Essay, K.E. Riley; The Slope; A Present from Ramleh; The Child Borrows his Uncle’s Gun and Goes East to Safad; Doctor Qassim Talks to Eva About Mansur who has Arrived in Safad; Abu al-Hassan Ambushes an English Car; The Child, His Father and the Gun Go to the Citadel al Jaddin; The Child Goes to the Camp; The Child Discovers that the Key Looks Like an Axe; Suliman’s Friend Learns Many Things in One Night; Hamid Stops Listening to the Uncle’s stories; Guns in the Camp; He Was a Child that Day; Six Eagles and a Child; Returning to Haifa.