Plain of Dead Cities, The

by McLaren, Bruce

Three years of war. Two hundred thousand dead. Three million refugees. No end in sight. This is the grim reality of conflict in Syria, one of the great tragedies of the modern era. Analysis and op/ed pieces fill the media, yet many people remain confused. What is this fight about?

The Plain Of Dead Cities makes sense of this complex scenario by delving deep into Syrian history and examining the vital role that Syria has played in human development over the past 5,000 years. The Plain Of Dead Cities takes the reader on a virtual tour of Syria, through the history books and archaeological sites, and reveals the political, religious, social, geographical, and historical complexities that have led to the current military conflagration. The Plain Of Dead Cities is a novel of adventure and a tribute to the suffering and strength of Syrians.

Bruce McLaren is an archaeologist who has excavated at numerous sites in the Middle East. The Plain Of Dead Cities is a tale based on his travel in Syria before the troubles began and his research into the plight of Syrians and Westerners in this land during the conflict.