Portrait of Islam: A Journey through the Muslim World

by Robin Laurance

The wonderful and positive images captured by Robin Laurance on his photographic journey through the heart of Islam – from the desolate open spaces of the mid-Atlas mountains in Morocco to the lush green paddy fields of Southeast Asia – will do much to dispel such ignorance of the realities of the Muslim world, of its extraordinary achievements and of the way of life of its ordinary men and women as they pursue their everyday existence. As a foretaste to the photographs, Dr Robin Ostle provides a valuable background, explaining the historical background and principles of Islam; the tenets of the faith; its place in law, state and society; and its relation to the other two great monotheistic religions – Judaism and Christianity. This timely book shows the Islamic lands and people as they really are: richly colourful, markedly diverse and, above all, powerfully inspiring.