Sacred Script

by Mansour, Nassar

Arabic calligraphy is at once an expression of piety, aesthetic sensibility and artistic discipline. ‘Muhaqqaq’ was an early term which captured care, clarity and meticulousness in calligraphy. It was associated with the making of manuscripts of the Qur’an – a sacred task and one which helped to give the new Islamic order both identity and coherence. ‘Muhaqqaq’ energed in the eleventh century as the name for one of six classical scripts. This is the first book devoted entirely to ‘muhaqqaq’ tradition. Nassar Mansour, himself a highly respected calligrapher, here traces the development of ‘muhaqqaq’. His book also presents examples of his own work in ‘muhaqqaq’ whish demonstrate the enduring value of this script for today. This is an invaluable and beautifully executed reference work on Islamic calligraphy, which will attract art historians and practitioners alike.