War Reporting for Cowards

by Ayres, Chris


Chris Ayres has invented a new genre: a rip-roaring tale of adventure and derring-don’t (Toby Young)

Ayres’ wry humour, intelligent writing and constant admission of his own incompetence makes this book a great, but horrifying read. (Wanderlust)

‘Hugely entertaining’ (Metro)

‘A sharp and off-message look at the war in Iraq.’ (Publishing News)

A memorable new voice (Independent)

Ayres [writes with] engaging honesty (John Simpson, BBC World Affairs Editor and bestsel)

‘A miracle of observation’ (The Times)

What a snivelling piece of s**t (Operation Freedom)

‘Reminded me of the granddaddy of the genre, Evelyn Waugh’s novel Scoop … truly indispensable’ (New York Times)

‘War is hell. But through the eyes of Chris Ayres, it’s also funny as hell’ (Playboy)

‘Hilarious’ (New York Times)

‘Ayres’s book stands out as a new sub-genre. He is disarmingly (pun intended), honest and hilarious about his lack of stomach for the fight.’ — (What’s On In London: Joe Cushley)

‘At once hugely entertaining, and surprisingly, a better insight into the sheer awfulness of war than any gung-ho adrenaline junkie could ever achieve.’ (Metro, Siobhan Murphy)

‘Ayres’ book stands out as a new sub-genre [of war reportage classics] . . .He is disarmingly (pun intended) honest and hilarious about his lack of stomach for the fight’ (What’s On In London)

‘Brilliant’ (Nuts)

‘[Ayres] has the knack for evoking the weirdness of life on the front line and finding humour in the horror.’ (Glasgow Herald)

Book Description

Chris ‘risk averse’ Ayres saw journalism as his ticket to schmoozing with celebrities and penning pompous opinion pieces. Instead he landed a plane ticket to Iraq.