On the Weave of the Sun

This exhilarating treasure chest of short stories brings readers breathtaking imagery and heart-stopping drama. Seen through the eyes of intimate consciousness and rare perspective, On the Weave of the Sun is a treat that infinitely deepens the meaning of emotion and experience. All the stories are contemporary, but take place in different times, places and cities of the Arabic world. This rich collection transports you to the heat and dust of the desert, to the seething passions underneath, as its profound wording flows from every page. The music and rhythm of each story is very distinctive, yet the words come together to make a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Its stories are distinctive shards of light that capture unique moments and will resonate with readers everywhere, leaving them wanting more. “With themes of love and loss, of fear and recrimination, the inner pain and turmoil in the wake of conflict and violence, I was left pining for the lives of the characters who lived within these pages.” – Johnathan Lewis, award-winning British author Abdallah Altaiyeb is a Saudi author and translator. He believes that “Arabic fiction is unique and very interesting, but not much translated to English, a language that the entire world uses to share and enjoy literature.” He is working on his next projects.