10.2 Dialogues on the Art of Arab Fashion: The Imaginarium Postcard Women – Reclaiming our Futures from the Past

22 March '22 at 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Dr Reem El Mutwalli, Founder of The Zay Initiative and Salma Ahmad Caller, Artist, Writer and Art Historian discuss Salma’s project “The Imaginarium Postcard Women: Reclaiming our Futures from the Past”.

Salma Ahmad Caller was born in Iraq to an Egyptian father and a British mother and grew up in Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. She now lives in the UK. An artist, art historian and writer, a hybrid of cultures and faiths she is drawn to hybrid and ornamental forms, and how the body expresses itself in the mind to create an embodied ‘image’. Her work focuses on cross-cultural / mixed-race identities, experiences and embodiment and embraces collage, drawing, watercolour, photography, projection, installation and sound. Salma also writes art theory, poetry and creative non-fiction, with a theoretical background in research on the meanings of ornament in non-Western cultures through frameworks of anthropology of art and cognitive science, with the aim of contributing to the decolonisation of art history and theory, breaking down boundaries and categories that support hegemonic colonial and patriarchal formations.




The Zay Initiative

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