12.2 Dialogues on the Art of Arab Dress: Unruly Jewels – Neither Muslim Nor Jewish

11 October '22 at 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Ariella Aïsha Azoulay Joins Dr Reem El Mutwalli & the founder of the Imaginarium postcard project, artist and art historian Salma Ahmad Caller for a dialogue on “Unruly Jewels – Neither Muslim Nor Jewish”

A little about Ariella: professor of Modern Culture and Media and Comparative Literature (Brown University), film essayist and curator of archives and exhibitions. Her books include: Potential History – Unlearning Imperialism (Verso, 2019), Civil Imagination: The Political Ontology of Photography (Verso, 2012), The Civil Contract of Photography (Zone Books, 2008). Among her films: Un-documented: Unlearning Imperial Plunder (2019), Civil Alliances, Palestine, 47-48 (2012). Among her exhibitions Errata (Fundació Tàpies, 2019, HKW, Berlin, 2020), and Enough! The Natural Violence of New World Order, (F/Stop photography festival, Leipzig, 2016).






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