A discussion with Walid Nabhan

20 February '23 at 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Dar Camilleri invites you to meet Palestinian-Maltese author, Walid Nabhan at Freedom Bookshop. Walid Nabhan is the author of “Exodus of the storks”, a novel about the crisis of identity of a Palestinian born in Jordan who can’t figure out where his home and nation-state are. The story begins with the narrator’s reverie memories upon receiving the news of the death of his father.

Nabil, a Palestinian exile who has made his life on the Mediterranean island of Malta, has his equilibrium shattered when he receives a phone call telling him that his father has died in Jordan. This news releases a flood of memories centered on the unending tragedy of the Arab world. As he reflects on his father’s death Nabil is forced to confront his Palestinian roots. Born in 1967, he was involved in the mass exodus of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians at the end of the Six-Day War. Like so many of these displaced and disenfranchised people, his family spent years moving around the Middle East, including neighboring Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Syria. And when Nabil finally settles on Malta he discovers in its hybrid culture of east and west a pale shadow of home. Nabil’s meditations expand to e


Freedom Bookshop

Whitechapel High, Street E1 7QX


Dar Camilleri

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