A Little Iraqi: virtual coffee morning for Iraqi and Iraqi-British community

8 January '21 at 10:00 am - 10 January '21 at 12:00 pm

Hello there!

I hope this invite finds you well.

My name is Jasmine Naziha Jones, I’m a Iraqi+British actor and writer.

I’m currently developing a play which explores my childhood memories of the Gulf War/occupation of Iraq and reconciles them with my adult understanding of what my dad endured watching the horror unfold form the safety of our home in the UK.

My play ‘A Little Iraqi’ will explore themes of childhood, family, love, politics, identity, and the inextricable disaster of colonialism on modern British life.

As part of my research I’m holding a series of virtual coffee mornings over Zoom and I’d love to invite members of the Iraqi and dual heritage Iraqi+British diaspora to:

  • Share stories and experiences
  • Hear what identity means to you
  • Discuss some of the themes in my play

Opening up the discussion to fellow members of the diaspora is an integral part of my research and I’d love to hear your stories and opinions. In exchange you will have the opportunity to feed in to a new piece of work giving voice to our community.

Later in the year, I will share with you a trailer documenting scenes from the rehearsal room and illustrations from moments in the play.

The virtual coffee mornings will be held on the following dates:

  • Friday 8 January 2021 @ 10am
  • Saturday 9 January 2021 @ 10 am
  • Sunday 10 January 2021 @ 10 am

If you’d like to take part please RSVP with your preferred date to:



Best wishes,





Jasmine Naziha Jones

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