AKU-ISMC Author Showcase: Luay Abdul-Ilah Mohammed

1 November '23 at 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

AKU-ISMC is showcasing the work of Luay Abdul-Ilah Mohammed on the occasion of the publication this year of his new novel, Jathibiyyat Al-Sifr (Weightlessness). The author will read from Jathibiyyat Al-Sifr and talk about what inspired him to write the book, as well of his experiences writing on the human condition from an Arab perspective.

‘The gods weave misfortunes so that future generations may have something to sing about’ – with this quote from Homer’s Odyssey Luay Abdul-Ilah opens his new novel about a set of sealed envelopes discovered in the wrong suitcase mistakenly collected from the luggage hold of an airport bus. Each envelope unfolds the story of a group of ex-patriot Iraqis as their world is turned upside down by the Gulf War of 1990–91.

Luay Abdul-Ilah Mohammed is an Iraqi writer, translator, journalist and essayist.

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