16 July '22 at 8:00 pm - 9 July '22 at 10:00 pm

The Hirak is the unprecedented mass protests that rocked Algeria in February 2019
These protests demanded the departure of veteran president A. Bouteflika, sparked by the ailing 82-year-old’s announcement of a fifth term. The Hirak (“movement” in English) or the smile revolution as it was also called, saw millions of people take to the streets with far-reaching demands, calling for the removal of Algeria’s deeply entrenched and military-backed ruling elite and a negotiated transition toward democratic governance, for reforms in every aspect of the current governance. In April 2019 Boutefilka resigned, and in December. All with a peaceful, lyrical and happy revolution, photographed full of smiles and celebration to find its voice again.

This documentary brings a view of what it felt like to be amongst the masses, the demands of the people, and the incredible chants and slogans which were world-famous, Zak Kedzi takes us through all of this in his first feature documentary, which he describes as just one small piece in the Hirak puzzle.

Documentary length: 47 Minutes
Language: Arabic, Algerian, French with English subtitles
Q& A with Director Zak KEDZI


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