Exhibition: Alternative Museum of The Sudan

14 April '22 - 30 June '22

The ‘Alternative Museum of The Sudan’ is Amado’s first solo exhibition in London, that traces the findings of his five-year journey and research into the buried histories of the people of the Sudan who were badly affected by colonialism and other interruptive external forces. His multimedia works revive the local stories and reflect upon the fate of his Sudanese ancestors, revealing an incomprehensible exploitation of the African people, from the earliest times up to the present.

The show also draws upon the artist’s interest in the notion of authenticity when an identity has come into contact with a colonial factor and or an aggressive power subjugation. He utilizes postcards, photographs, and oral archives to reveal some of the complex relationships that have ensued from the interplay between colonial dominance and how that has affected Black Africa as well as the intermingled histories of the people living in the unique geographical zone of where the Sudan meets Egypt and North Africa.

Visits are by appointment only.

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The Loft, 51 Surrey Row Unit 2 La Gare London SE1 0BZ


Amado AlFadni

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