Another Lover’s Discourse ليه خلتني احبك

7 February '23 at 6:25 pm - 11 February '23 at 7:25 pm

Three years ago, Riham embarked on a journey to explore what it means to love; what ideas do we have about it, and what is holding her back from it?

Another Lover’s Discourse is Riham’s first solo performance created and performed by her. She mashes up interviews with friends, family, and strangers, combining video, music, performance, and original film to explore the complexity of love and relationships.

This inventive new multimedia performance, from one of Palestine’s most exciting contemporary artists, invites you to think differently about love; to shake off stereotypes, free yourself from old traditions, and think about what you actually want.

‘A wonderful work. Funny and touching and with some real surprises – not least the singing! Riham Isaac explores the expectations of marriage and romance and the dreams that hover beyond them’ – Danny Boyle, Oscar-winning Director.

This irreverent look at romance will resonate with anyone who has ever wondered: is this really all there is?



The Vaults, Leake Street London, SE1 7NN


Vault Festival 2023

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