Arab Bedouin: No Future Without Past

15 January '20 at 11:00 am - 25 January '20 at 6:00 pm

ARAB BEDOUIN: No Future Without Past
15-25 January 2020; Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, South Bank, London, SE1 9PH;
Experience the cultural heritage of the Bedouin tribes and witness the challenges they face in preserving their past for the future.
An exhibition celebrating the cultural heritage of the Bedouin people of Lebanon, Jordan and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, No future without past gives these marginalised communities an opportunity to share their culture and way of life. Meet the Bedouin and hear their stories through art, photography, film and sound. Trace their historic nomadic routes, which once crossed national borders but are now restricted by political change and conflict. Listen to their words, voices, hopes and concerns for the future. The exhibition is part of Cultural Corridors of Peace, a project that is supporting Bedouin communities in the Levant to document and safeguard their cultural heritage as a means of securing a better future. The project is supported by the British Council’s Cultural Protection Fund, in partnership with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Support. For more information, visit


Bargehouse Oxo Tower Wharf

Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, South Bank, London, SE1 9PH


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