Arabs Are Not Funny – Live Stream

27 June '20 at 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Arts Canteen bringing a much-needed laugh-break to you in your home. Arabs Are Not Funny! This special edition live with Esther & Fatiha!

If you like controversial, funny, these two comedians will bring it in spades….


Arabs Are Not Funny! This special edition live on line is performed by Esther Manito & Fatiha El- Ghorri

Widely regarded as one of the hottest comedy nights among the Arab community and beyond. Comedians with roots in the Arab world attempt to prove the naysayers wrong!


Line Up :

– Esther Manito

Esther an observational standup comedian who takes you on a whirlwind tour of what life is like for an Anglo/Lebanese mum of two…..Esther also is a writer and has contributed to the publication Don’t panic I’m Islamic. Esther’s stand up accolades include:

– Fatiha El- Ghorri

Underneath Fatiha’s colourful hijab is a mind full of cutting observations and engaging witticism of the life and times of a British Muslim woman. Fatiha smashes the Muslim stereotypes and challenges people to think about what they think they know about Islam, Muslims, Muslim women especially.


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