Arabs Are Not Funny – Woolwich Works

30 June '23 at 9:30 pm to 10:15 pm

The acclaimed comedy night is back at Woolwich Works for another edition

You might have thought that Arabs couldn’t get any funnier. Think again. The funniest Arabs in London are back on stage, in the flesh, funnier than ever before at Woolwich Works.

Ella Al-Shamahi
As well as being a National Geographic Explorer, TV presenter on the BBC & Channel 4, and an expert in fossil hunting in caves in unstable and hostile territories… Yemeni British Ella Al-Shamahi also happens to be a brilliant stand-up comic.

Palestinian and Irish comic Nadz brings hilarious real-life experiences to the stage, having performed across the UK and in Los Angeles.

Elie Maalouf
Elie began his stand-up career in Beirut, Lebanon in 2018. Since then, he has performed at venues across the country. He is a regular comedian with AWK.WORD, the first underground stand-up comedy platform in Lebanon.

Muhsin Yesilada
Muhsin is a stand-up comedian and psychology PhD who regularly performs in theatres and clubs like Vauxhall Comedy Club, Top Secret Comedy Club, and Backyard. He is making a name for himself on the comedy circuit, being a Chortle Student Comedy Award semi-finalist, New Act of the Year no


Woolwich Works, Visitors' Book Café

The Fireworks Factory, 11 No 1 St, Royal Arsenal, London SE18 6HD


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