Attab Haddad Quintet @ EFG London Jazz Festival

16 November '19 at 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Arts Canteen proudly presents Attab Haddad Quintet as part of the EFG London Jazz Festival 2019.

With his top-flight ensemble, Iraq’s Attab Haddad Quintet blends Andalusian, Mediterranean and Arabic sounds with contemporary jazz approaches to create story-like compositions with the breadth of the Sahara and the intricacy of the Alhambra Palace.

His work has aired on European, Arabic and Turkish channels and he has composed music for various mediums from advertising to film to theatre and dance productions.

Described as a ‘virtuoso’ by The Guardian, his playing has featured on independent cinema and Hollywood productions and he has performed in the UK, Europe, USA, and India.

Line up :

– Attab Haddad: Oud
– Philippe Barnes: Flute
– Naomi Wright: Cello
– Matt Ridley : Bass
– Antonio Romero: Percussion


Rich Mix

35-47 Bethnal Green Road


Arts Canteen

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