Conversation: How to Walk through a Labyrinth

2 July '20 at 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Join this conversation and reading on How to Walk through a Labyrinth presented by Kayfa ta. Curated by Ala Younis and Maha Maamoun this session will include readings and audio-visual interventions by Barakunan with writer Rayya Badran focusing on ideas of world building and mythmaking through story telling. A highlight will be the launch of Amr Ezzat‘s new book How to Remember Your Dreams.

Kayfa ta is a publishing initiative that uses the popular form of how-to manuals (how=kayfa, to=ta) to respond to some of today’s perceived needs; be they the development of skills, tools, thoughts, or sensibilities. These books situate themselves in the space between the technical and the re ective, the everyday and the speculative, the instructional and the intuitive, the factual and the ctional. Kayfa ta was founded in 2012 by Maha Maamoun and Ala Younis.


The Mosaic Rooms



The Mosaic Rooms

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