Conversation: New Media Society: Dust to Come…

13 August '20 at 7:00 pm - 13 June '20 at 8:00 pm

“The future is blurry, we made countless macro & micro mistakes, we know the storm is inevitable, we watch science fiction or we don’t…The future was never bright as it was promised for some parts of the world is still as nonexistent and discriminatory as if it wasn’t pictured at all and never predicted. See through eyes, laser guns, and flying objects became killer drones, 3D printing – both an environmental threat as well as a cure for ventilator shortage. The colourful plastic future once was pictured dreamy and chic but no one told us about the dust to come. “(New Media Society, 2020)

Join New Media Society and guests for a conversation about the impact of the crisis on the contemporary visual arts in Iran and possible futures. The discussion follows the screenings curated by the New Media Society and will explore future visions in relation to archives by artists in Iran and its diaspora. The conversation is inspired by the ongoing curatorial research project Dustopedia (Ghobar-Nameh) that examines time, past and future through the theme of dust whilst exploring the unknown futures of the archive.


The Mosaic Rooms



The Mosaic Rooms

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