CURFEW: Contemporary Dance by El-Funoun Palestine & Hawiyya UK

23 March '18 at 7:30 pm - 24 March '18 at 9:30 pm

Arts Canteen in partnership with El-Funoun (Palestine) and Hawiyya Dance Company (UK) proudly present “CURFEW” a contemporary dance production.

In a nutshell

A thought-provoking contemporary dance production that encourages individuals to self-reflect and take action in front of injustice.

Go on…

With a fusion of traditional and contemporary dance moves, the production , currently at its development stage, is aimed at challenging ordinary forms of expression and creating a new form of communication to open engagement with a new audience.

The production does not give an answer; rather it questions the audience and encourages them to find their own answers by exploring and reflecting on their position towards forms of oppression, injustice, and complexity.

Time passes by, and life goes on. Would you take responsibility or rather keep the ‘CurFew‘?

What to expect

The theatre stage will become the safe space for dancers from different backgrounds to shed light on these issues through a creative contemporary dance production. While, ‘dabke’, the Palestinian folkloric dance does not appear in this production in its original form, it will be used as a reflection on identity, that lives and develops within us as individuals.

The performance will then be followed by Q&A session and an in-depth discussion with the audience to unpack some of the main concepts addressed through the dance representation.

Who’s involved

El-Funoun is an independent, non-profit artistic organization established in 1979 by a small number of enthusiastic, talented and committed artists. Since then, El-Funoun has been crowned as the lead Palestinian dance company in Palestine, as well as among Palestinians in exile. El-Funoun led over one thousand performances locally and internationally.

Hawiyya Dance Company is a women’s dabke group who explore identity, culture and resistance through dance. Hawiyya aims to use more contemporary choreographic devices to explore narrative work and expression through this medium. The culturally diverse dancers have come together to unite and share their commitment to the Palestinian cause.

Arts Canteen are experienced in curating and producing events, exhibitions and festivals around the country. Arts Canteen curated events and partnered in major festivals such as the Nour Festival, Shubbak Festival, Eid on the Square, The London African Music Festival as well as the Liverpool Arab Arts Festivall, Arab Women Artists Now – AWAN and other festivals.

Creative team:

Collective Chorography (El-Funoun & Hawiyya Dancers)

Artistic director: Sharaf DarZaid

Dancers: Sylvia Ferreira, Serena Spadoni, Sali Kharobi, Miriam Ozanne, Mohammed Altayeh, Khaled Abueram, Lure Sadeq, Sharaf DarZaid

Music mix: Sharaf DarZaid

Music Tracks composers: Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Joseph Karam, Hussein Zahawy, Didier Malherbe, Popular Art Centre, Dave Randall

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